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Denise Chernitzer

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Dr. Thomas N. Robeson

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Philip Gurecki

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  • Jo Ann Miffleton (Tuesday, September 18 18 12:41 pm EDT)

    I love OPFP. Dr. Robeson and staff are always very thorough and pleasant.

  • David Yeatts (Saturday, September 15 18 11:55 am EDT)

    Dr. Robinson is one of the most knowledgeable physician I have been to. He really cares and takes time with you. He is concerned prescription cost to you.

  • Teresa Dickson (Thursday, September 13 18 10:27 am EDT)

    I was a patient of Dr O'Neal for 28 years. I saw Phil for the first time this week, and although he has some big shoes to fill, I believe he will be up to it. Very knowledgeable and listened to what I said. Looking forward to a long, healthy relationship with him.

  • William Peiffer (Thursday, September 13 18 08:02 am EDT)

    My initial meeting with Philip Gurecki PA-C was .great

  • Linda C (Wednesday, September 12 18 07:23 pm EDT)

    I always feel at home when I arrive and am seen by my medical professionals. The staff is friendly and helpful every step of the way. I am so grateful for finding this practice almost 20 years ago. I have total confidence

  • Dave wright (Monday, September 10 18 06:13 pm EDT)

    Dr. Denise and her staff are great they take really good care of me and they’re very thorough. I appreciate everything they do for me and I recommend them to anybody

  • Alex W HARRIGAN (Friday, September 07 18 07:49 pm EDT)

    My wife and I have been with Dr. Robeson for 10 or more years and he is a great professional. Have a great vacation in St. Marteen our second home. See you next year!

  • Virginia Mathews (Thursday, September 06 18 09:26 pm EDT)

    Just relocated here from Washington State. Was referred by my sister.
    My 1st visit went very well. More than pleased with my visit with Denise.
    Asked for referrals for 2 other specialists and received a phone call for both of them within 1 day after my visit. "Priceless".

  • Chris Guimond (Thursday, September 06 18 08:01 pm EDT)

    Opfp is always polite and curtious to me and my family every time we go their.

  • Tom T. (Thursday, September 06 18 03:12 pm EDT)

    I have been a patient of Dr. Robeson for over 20 years. In 2011 he quickly diagnosed multiple myeloma (cancer) while it was still Stage 1, and referred me to VOA for treatment. I am now in remission, thanks to Dr. R !

  • Robert Wilson (Thursday, September 06 18 05:41 am EDT)

    No waiting

  • Lisa Malpass (Wednesday, September 05 18 10:10 am EDT)

    Time and quality well spent with no complaints. Phil is very compassionate and understanding with my health issues and love he provides me with such TLC....

  • Tiffany Brewer (Monday, September 03 18 07:17 pm EDT)

    I’ve been going here for years and everyone is so nice! Love my doctor Dr Robeson.....You can tell he’s very passionate about his job and will get to the bottom of what’s wrong with you!

  • Joseph jones (Thursday, August 30 18 11:59 am EDT)

    Still coming here after 15 years should say a lot about how well they take care of me, and I set a high bar.

  • Warren Baker (Tuesday, August 28 18 10:03 pm EDT)

    I moved from Dr. O'Neal to PA Phil. Service is still excellent. Take some getting used to Phil, but I will deal with it. I want to achieve Dr. O'Neal goal of my living to be 100!

  • Gardiner Hubbard (Friday, August 24 18 10:50 am EDT)

    Phil Gurecki was very thorough and professional. Thank you.

  • Dolores zapata (Wednesday, August 22 18 07:19 pm EDT)

    I have never been one who likes going to the doctor and always made it a big deal! Because the doctors always seem to talk down to you and not know what you’re talking about. Although it’s your body that is happening too! But however since I have been going to Oyster point family practice,, I love the amount of attention that the doctor has provided and getting down to the root cause of my illness!

  • Emily Little (Monday, August 20 18 07:34 pm EDT)

    Dr.Robeson,has been my family doctor for many years and he is awesome!

  • Layla (Monday, August 20 18 07:23 pm EDT)

    Me and my family have been patients of Dr. Robeson for over 20 years he is a great doctor and his nurses are to and he takes the time to listen to you and you do not feel rushed when he comes in the room he will take as much time as needed to be with you and listen to you. He and his staff and also the girls at the front are great!!

  • James Kaap (Sunday, August 19 18 11:47 am EDT)

    For some time I was looking for a new family doctor and the pastor of my church recommended this place and said that they were very pleased with it. As of August 2018 I became a new patient here and that was the time of my first visit and I must say I was very pleased with the staff and doctor on my first visit. As time goes on I will continue to let you know how well they do here but so far I have been very pleased

  • Angela Rowe (Friday, August 17 18 09:28 pm EDT)

    Dr. Robeson is by far the best doctor I've ever had. He has really helped in management of my diabetes. The entire staff is caring, friendly, and professional. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for medical care!

  • Sharon Martin (Friday, August 17 18 08:25 pm EDT)

    Denise is wonderful! Everyone at the office is kind and friendly.

  • Margaret Guest 08-17-18 (Friday, August 17 18 08:05 pm EDT)

    Service is always great/pleasant at your office. The personnel are caring and professional. I've been going to Oyster Point Family practice many years and appreciate each one there.

  • Dena Turner (Thursday, August 16 18 05:58 am EDT)

    Dr. Robeson is a very caring person. He has been my doctor for over 20 years. He is excellent in handling my diabetic needs.

  • Carl Kennedy (Wednesday, August 15 18 07:23 pm EDT)

    Insightful care, found multiple heart and blood problems quickly. Thanks Dr. Robeson and Everyone!

  • Thalia J Rodriguez (Tuesday, August 14 18 09:22 pm EDT)

    I’ve been a patient here since I was about 8 years old (on and off again) my son is now a patient here as well. I love this office, the atmosphere and the staff and providers are wonderful!

  • John Justiniano (Friday, August 10 18 02:29 pm EDT)

    I love to visit my doctor and my family too I feel very comfortable and the nurses are the best they take care very good and my family love every one I never change the way they treat me.

  • Rudolph Pazdernik (Tuesday, August 07 18 06:05 pm EDT)

    Thomas Robeson has been my doctor for well over 20 years, and I think he is terrific. Everything you would want a doctor to be... competent, efficient, compassionate, and truly concerned about your health. I would recommend him to anybody!

  • william collins (Friday, August 03 18 09:49 pm EDT)

    My experience with the staff at Oyster Point was genuine and down to earth. It's nice to know that there are still medical practices available with a caring heart.

  • HE Huang (Friday, August 03 18 07:13 pm EDT)

    Dr. Thomas Robeson is the best doctor!

  • linda tafazoli (Friday, August 03 18 10:26 am EDT)

    My entire family has received a level of care that we are more than satisfied with for over 20 years. We have never had a billing issue, we feel like part of the family, and staff turnover is minimal. It is nice to know they are now offering evening appointments, although we haven't needed them.

  • Deborah Blanch (Thursday, August 02 18 06:42 am EDT)

    The staff are always helpful and I have been a patient for years! The work ethics and customer service should be copied by other medical facilities. Denise is a wonderful and gifted doctor! #patient4life

  • Raymond Rickard (Thursday, July 26 18 08:02 pm EDT)

    I've been coming to the Oyster Point Family Practice for about 17 years or more. The whole medical staff is always treat me with respect their attitude attitudes have always been great!

  • Carol Norton (Thursday, July 26 18 07:18 pm EDT)

    This is the best group that I have ever seen in my life. They are caring, professional, thorough, positive medical professionals. From the front desk to the nurses, lab, and doctors, they are exceptional. I feel confident and comfortable relying on them for my health care.

  • Carol Bauer (Tuesday, July 24 18 08:16 pm EDT)

    Knowledgeable and compassionate are the perfect words to describe the staff at Oyster Point Family Practice. All my questions are thoroughly answered and I have always felt confident in the care and advice I’ve received.

  • Dorothy Jean Jackson (Friday, July 20 18 06:38 am EDT)

    7/18/18You guys rock. So friendly and courteous each and every time I make a visit. My doctor takes his time to talk to me and he listens. Very professional team. You are appreciated. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Carl Long (Wednesday, July 18 18 07:29 pm EDT)

    State of the art health care and a staff that truly cares about. The best of both.

  • James Brown (Tuesday, July 17 18 10:12 pm EDT)

    Dr Robeson and his staff make you feel at home and comfortable. He has been my physician for years and has keep me in good health. I cannot say enough good things about this practice.

  • Joanne Ourednik (Monday, July 16 18 08:25 pm EDT)

    The doctor does an excellent job of listening and reviewing the things that I say. He gives me time to explain things, and he uses time to explain things thoroughly.

  • Khader mughrabi (Monday, July 16 18 07:19 pm EDT)

    Everybody was bee courteous and made me feel very welcomed!

  • Ruth W. (Friday, July 13 18 10:45 pm EDT)

    As a medical professional myself I can say that I have valued all of the staff at Oyster Point Family Practice over the years. My heart breaks that Dr O"Neal is retiring and ask for blessings for he and his wife in his future challenges. I have always felt secure with his diagnostic expertise and cannot say how much his calm manner and listening skills have assisted me.

    As he departs I will feel confident in the skills of the remaining staff and feel comfortable with their care as I age. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a supportive and caring Family Practice.

  • Chris (Friday, July 13 18 07:17 pm EDT)

    Denise is such a caring provider. She always makes us feel comfortable. She takes her time with us. I love her and her nurse Amber.

  • Louise Law (Thursday, July 12 18 09:51 pm EDT)

    Really feels like family at your practice

  • Trudy S. (Tuesday, July 10 18 08:18 pm EDT)

    I love OPFP! I have been going there for about 16 years. The office staff is excellent. I have been going to Dr. R and he remembers my medical history. I have a lot of respect for him. If I have a short notice problem and can’t see Dr. R, the other medical staff is awesome as well. I have never had a bad experience there. They are a fantastic practice!

  • Debbie Noble (Monday, July 09 18 09:27 am EDT)

    Dr. Robeson gave me a thorough examination and took extra time to address my concerns and answer my questions. When I have to wait a little longer for my appointment, I realize it's due to the fact that he is executing that same level of care and concern for patients ahead of me. Pleasant, uplifting music in the waiting room, as well as a warm reception at the front desk, makes the wait time more of an enjoyable experience. Vicky is always prompt to schedule my regular injections and is very pleasant to talk to over the phone. Outstanding physicians and staff!

  • Nancy L. Date is July 7, 2018 (Friday, July 06 18 10:16 pm EDT)

    My experiences @OPFP have always been very positive. Whether on the phone or in person, the office staff is extremely helpful. The medical providers are very caring, taking time to listen & dialogue with me regarding my concerns. Addition to having a friendly/family style atmosphere, OPFP fosters confidence because of the knowledgeable staff and medical practitioners. It’s a great family practice!

  • Raleigh Perry (Monday, July 02 18 07:28 pm EDT)

    Dr. Robeson provided excellent care in following up on an occurrence where I got overheated and dehydrated. He is a very experienced GP and has treated me for a number of different issues. Dr. Robeson always provides the best possible care, and I heartily recommend him and the Oyster Point Family Practice!

  • Dr. William Owings (Monday, July 02 18 07:09 pm EDT)

    Working with Dr. Robeson and his staff is a joy. He is quite competent and thorough with a wonderful personality. He and his nurses respond to calls and questions promptly. All in all, my wife and I could not be more pleased with our family physician and those who work with him. Every patient should be so fortunate.

  • Carolyn R. Ford (Friday, June 29 18 08:44 pm EDT)

    We have been patients for 28 years and have always been treated with a genuine caring and respect. They are knowledgeable and available when you need them. We trust them with our lives.

  • Raymond Lewis (Wednesday, June 27 18 07:29 pm EDT)

    I was very pleased with the whole staff.

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