Our Medical Providers

Oyster Point Family Practice has a team which consisits of five (5) very knowledgeable and genuinely dedicated medical professionals. which includes an MD (Medical Doctor), two accomplished Nurse Practitioners who have both earned a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner degree, a bilingual Nurse Practitioner who has experience with treating patients here in the United States and internationally and a highly proficient and Board Certified Physician's Assistant.  They work together to create healthier and happier patients.  They have a combined experience of over 55 years practicing family medicine and remain informed about new medications and therapies.   

Thomas N. Robeson, MD

Philip Gurecki, PA-C

Denise H. Chernitzer, DNP, FNP-BC, PNP-PC

Amberlee Moore, DNC, FNP-C

Joys Miller, FNP-C

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