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Dr. Thomas Robeson

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Denise Chernitzer

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Philip Gurecki

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  • Deborah Jean Leslie (Friday, May 28 21 07:59 pm EDT)

    Dr. Chernitzer is professional, courteous, personable...all around, excellent service. The check in desk personnel are always polite and courteous (Jennifer, Marie and the other two Ladies whom names I have not committed to memory, Linda-from Dr. O’Neal’s Team😊, Yvonne (The Allergy Personnel)...everyone is great! Thanks to Dr. Roberson & his Team!

  • Jack Gergely (Tuesday, May 25 21 09:30 am EDT)

    I have been a patient of Dr. Robeson for many years . I am particulary impressed with his use of lab work. He has made fantastic improvements with my blood pressure and chlorestoral counts.

  • Dana G (Tuesday, May 04 21 07:36 pm EDT)

    I saw Amberlee today for the second time. She is very pleasant & professional. The staff up front are always nice & efficient.

  • Marlene bates (Thursday, April 22 21 07:16 pm EDT)

    Dr Philip again was listening and explaining so that a patient could follow Hollie was wonderful, she’s trying to resolve an ins issue

  • Tom Goyne (Friday, April 16 21 07:51 pm EDT)

    My medical exam was thorough and complete and performed by professional medical staff. Concerns about my condition(s) were addressed and prescriptions were reviewed and refilled.

  • Gregg (Friday, April 16 21 07:17 pm EDT)

    Dr. R and his staff are awesome!

  • Karen DiMarino (Wednesday, April 07 21 07:18 pm EDT)

    Always a pleasant office to visit. The staff and Dr. Robeson are always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for taking good care of my health.

  • Donna Robertson (Saturday, April 03 21 11:19 am EDT)

    The Doctors, Nurses and office staff have always went above and beyond! Phillip always takes the time to listen to all my concerns and makes sure I receive the best care that is offered. I would definitely recommend to family and friends! Everyone works together to ensure you are well taken care of .

  • Macie (Tuesday, March 16 21 09:38 am EDT)

    Safe COVID environment and procedures. Exceptional staff. Dr. R is an exceptional physician, brilliant mind, and kind, considerate provider.
    I trust him with my life!

  • Raymond Rickard (Tuesday, March 02 21 07:50 pm EST)

    Everyone including the check-in staff and Phil we're excellent!

  • Marian J (Thursday, February 25 21 08:18 pm EST)

    The staff is just marvelous. When you walk into the door to be signed in you are greeted with a very warm welcoming smile. I am always professionally cared for. The wait time is to a minimal.

  • Tommie Ellison (Wednesday, February 03 21 09:42 pm EST)

    I received excellent care! Highly recommend the nurses and doctors at this center.

  • Lynette (Wednesday, February 03 21 07:17 pm EST)

    Denise Chernitzer is the best! She is caring, knowledgeable, educated and very professional. I would refer her to a friend anyway. Thanks Denise for just being you.

  • Douglas Johnson (Wednesday, February 03 21 09:13 am EST)

    Medical and administrative Staff were very courteous and helpful. Dr. Robeson is always the professional and spent time with me going over my medical history.

  • Adriana Marie Tilson (Thursday, January 21 21 11:58 am EST)

    I am so grateful to my new PA Philip ! He is very compassionate, and really knows his stuff. I am doing much better in my mental and physical health, and I feel like he will try to get to the root of my issues. Thank you so very much to the staff as well!

  • T.R. LINK (Thursday, January 14 21 06:52 pm EST)

    This practice has a great staff, but my Physician Philip Gurecki actually cares about his patients and want them to return there normal self! Thank u Oyster Point family Practice for having a great crew.

  • John P (Tuesday, January 12 21 09:06 pm EST)

    Pleasant, efficient and helpful staff. Dr. Robeson and his staff are some of the best and most competent I've ever experienced

  • Carol Michalec (Thursday, January 07 21 08:19 pm EST)

    Philip is very knowledgeable and thorough. He takes time to answer all questions and concerns.

  • Jeffrey (Tuesday, December 29 20 07:31 pm EST)

    I have been a patient with Dr. Robeson for more than 10 years he is a wonderful physician, caring, and passionate about his patients care,He explains things to the fullest so that you will leave his office confident of all the changes he may have done for your medication or recommending you to a specialist, thank you Dr. Robeson

  • Beverly Phares (Tuesday, December 29 20 07:29 pm EST)

    Dr.Robeson ,He is very professional and addresses all your problems.He always takes the time to answer all your questions.All the doctors are professional and I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Lillie O. Green (Tuesday, December 15 20 08:54 am EST)

    Everyone was helpful and courteous and I was in and out in a timely fashion. I have been going to this office for about 35 years.

  • Xavier Whitaker (Wednesday, December 09 20 07:21 pm EST)

    Very Nice 👍 Dream team of Doctors & Excellent customer service!

  • John Patterson Jr. (Saturday, December 05 20 05:52 pm EST)

    It great to be back with a real doctor

  • Laura (Wednesday, November 18 20 07:48 pm EST)

    Dr. R is an excellent physician caring compassionate and knowledgeable. Appointments are never rushed he is truly a great person. He is very knowledgeable about all things explains conditions well and gives the right medications for the condition. I would not see anybody else

  • Janice Nelson (Wednesday, November 04 20 11:40 am EST)

    I've been coming to Oyster Point Family Practive/Dr. Robeson for over 9 years. The office staff is always pleasant, courteous, professional.I couldn't ask for a better doctor than Dr. Robeson. Great team!

  • Bobbie (Thursday, October 15 20 08:16 pm EDT)

    Front desk med receptionist (strawberry long hair... forgot her name)is the face of welcoming, personable character, and outstanding service for all her years with OPFP. I also love the labs tech. Linda superb nurse, and Dr R, Sandra, Denise are my favorites to see when needed or for physical. Just an outstanding medical practice I will remain with.

  • Sheree Jenkins (Wednesday, October 14 20 06:51 am EDT)

    The OPFP staff has caring providers and staff who make a point of keeping their patients informed and healthy. I appreciate the follow ups they do to ensure I'm getting the best care possible in a positive environment. God bless everyone there and the Quest Diagnostics team they partner with.

  • Rachel Heilig (Saturday, October 03 20 04:38 am EDT)

    I been seeing Mr. Philip Gurecki since 2017. He is very professional, friendly and most of all he is always been attentive with my needs. Thank you Phil for all have done!

  • Chris n (Friday, September 25 20 07:13 am EDT)

    I was under an unusually high amount of stress and everyone was kind and gave freely of their time and got me through it

  • April dunlap (Tuesday, September 15 20 07:18 pm EDT)

    Best doctors nurses and staff. Everyone is so professional and they truely care for their patients I am lucky to have found them.

  • Stylianos Ikonomou (Thursday, September 10 20 07:12 pm EDT)

    Best practice in town Been with them for over 18years and will never change

  • Lisa Malpass (Thursday, September 10 20 06:41 pm EDT)

    The front office staff is amazing as well as the nurses...pleasant and courteous...I’ve been a patient since 1997 and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else as I know I have the best of care here! Highly Recommended!!

  • Ebbie Julian (Thursday, September 03 20 11:07 am EDT)

    The complete staff is helpful and solve your problems

  • Valeria Pearce (Thursday, August 13 20 07:17 pm EDT)

    Entire office is excellent. Always take time to consider my concerns. Friendly, professional care. Thursday, August 13, 2020.

  • Jeannine C (Thursday, August 06 20 08:10 pm EDT)

    Quickest visit I’ve had at the office. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Phil took the time to listen to me and addressed all of my concerns.

  • Carolyn C. Thomas (Wednesday, July 29 20 07:13 pm EDT)

    Been going here for years. Usually very short wait time. People are friendly and helpful.

  • Hobley Fam (Tuesday, July 28 20 07:24 pm EDT)

    This practice is defiantly amazing, my whole family goes here now. Philip is our provider, we wouldn't trade him for the world. We love you oyster point.

  • Keith Asnicar (Wednesday, July 22 20 08:43 pm EDT)

    This office is awesome, they got me in at my appointment time and everyone was friendly and professional! I’ve been a patient here since 1995 and am always impressed every time I leave after an appointment!

  • Christopher K Jordan (Wednesday, July 22 20 08:35 pm EDT)

    I have always been pleased with every visit

  • Amy Morton / Llorrnte (Tuesday, July 14 20 07:24 pm EDT)

    My experience always been great, the office workers are great and my experience with Dr Robeson was definitely a excellent visit. Thank you Oyster Point Family Practice for always been committed to your patients offering a great services that I can trust.

  • Rick Schoenthaler (Tuesday, June 16 20 07:20 pm EDT)

    Very courteous staff. First time visit for me,am very impressed by everyone. PA Philip Gurecki was very professional and friendly. Am very comfortable with my choice.

  • Stacey Person (Thursday, June 11 20 08:44 am EDT)

    I just love the way yall care about your patients and u get us in and out

  • Sheree Jenkins (Tuesday, June 02 20 07:33 pm EDT)

    So far I've only had to see either Dr. Robeson and Denise Chernitzer.

    Dr. Robeson is genuine and really cares about his patients. He has a great sense of humor and makes you feel at ease, even if you have to take more medicine. Thanks, Dr. Robeson!

    Since I can't give her flowers, I'd like to say that Denise is one of two caregivers that I place at the top of the list. She's caring and understands whatever is going on with you and responds accordingly. She makes you feel comfortable sharing with her as well. So Ms. Chernitzer, here's your virtual bouquet from me! Thank you! 💐

  • Jeffrey Buck (Thursday, May 21 20 08:38 pm EDT)

    Everything about Oyster Point Family Practice is excellent. They are knowledgeable, friendly, considerate, and thorough. Finding them when we moved here 10 years ago has benefited us well year after year.

  • Julie LoCicero (Wednesday, May 20 20 07:52 pm EDT)

    Dr.Robeson is a caring doctor who takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns. I highly recommend him for all your medical needs!

  • Michael Coburn (Thursday, May 07 20 07:57 am EDT)

    I enjoyed my virtual visit. I have to follow up with some tests and a review of medications by another office. I'm still having symptoms that need to be understood and corrected.

  • Deborah Jean Leslie (Thursday, May 07 20 07:24 am EDT)

    I can't forget the EXCELLENT Staff Personnel. They are the Best!

  • Deborah Jean Leslie (Thursday, May 07 20 07:23 am EDT)

    I relocated to Newport News, VA in 2004 and became a patient of Dr. J.Drew O'Neal. I received excellent patient care from him, from Dr. Thomas Robeson and Dr. Denise Chernitzer. I have been given the 'best' care and service.

  • claude Hewlin jr (Friday, April 24 20 07:45 pm EDT)

    very committed to profession

  • Anna Roob (Thursday, April 16 20 07:28 pm EDT)

    I have seen all the providers at one time or another. Doctor Robeson is awesome..I have been going there for 20+ years. I would highly recommend this office.

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